Dear Runners,

Faced with the serious scenario caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to postpone our Racing Festival to 11 and 12 October 2020, in the same place.

This is an unprecedented Public Health problem, which even led our Government to declare a State of Public Calamity in Brazil, as of yesterday. For this reason, we think that it will be a very big risk to maintain the evidence in June when, according to health authorities, we are probably still in full combat with the virus.

We know how difficult it is to prepare for the Marathon, that many training sessions have already started and that many kilometers have already been covered. Our focus, however, as it has always been, is the health, safety and well-being of everyone involved in the event.

We have been through other unforeseen events together (of lesser magnitude, it is true) and our decisions have always been and will always be based on the best experience for everyone, with health, safety and well-being.

Registrations already made are automatically transferred to the new date, without any additional cost.

We are fully confident that, by October, everything will be normalized and that we will have an even better test.


– Why did the Rio Marathon change the event dates?

We decided to postpone the race following the guidance of the Ministry of Health on social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic period, which makes the Rio Marathon unfeasible, as well as several other events in our city and country. More than that, our decision aims to preserve the health, safety and well-being of athletes, employees, partners and the community.

We believe that the postponement also serves to not compromise the training of runners, given the difficulties or even the impossibility of pre-event training.

– What are the new dates and how is the division of evidence?

The event will take place from October 9 to 12. The Casa Maratona will operate between October 9th and 11th. The 21k race and Maratoninha Gloob will be held on the 11th, while the 5k, 10k and 42k events will be held on the next day, October 12th.

– What will be done with the runner who cannot participate in the new scheduled


All registrations were automatically migrated to the new date, in the same category and at no cost. If the runner is unable to participate, we offer the possibility of transferring your registration for the 2021 race, also without any charge.

– Will the course of events be changed?

No route has been changed

– Will the registration fees change?

There was no change in registration fees.

– Will competition schedules change?

The races will not have their starting times changed.

– And how’s the Casa Marathon? Does the organization fear for loss of marks in the Casa Marathon?

The Casa Maratona will operate from October 9th to 11th and around 40 brands have already confirmed their presence for this edition.

– Will the Casa Marathon address remain the same?

Yes, SulAmérica Convention Center, at Av. Paulo de Frontin 1 (access via Rua Beatriz Larragoiti Lucas) – Cidade Nova, in the Center. January.

– Will the kits still be picked up at the Casa Maratona?

Competitors must collect their kits at the Casa da Maratona, between October 9th and 11th, between 9am and 7pm

Questions and more information: [email protected]