1) What is the status of the 2021 Rio Marathon?

The Rio Marathon is working with the City of Rio to carry out the tests in the last quarter of 2021, in October.

2) When will the 2021 Rio Marathon registration open?

Registration for face-to-face tests will be opened after official confirmation from the organization in June.

3) What will be the day of my race at the Rio Marathon 2021?

The Rio Marathon is working with the City of Rio to carry out the tests in the last quarter of 2021, in October. More information shortly.

4) What will be the course of the Rio Marathon 2021?

We are working together with the City of Rio and the responsible public bodies to define the best and safest route for everyone. We will bring more information in the coming months. Until then you can run our virtual race. More information on our website.

5) What care / precautions regarding Covid-19 will be taken?

For the safety of all, the Rio Marathon is developing a health protocol with the City of Rio, following the recommendations of the WHO and the major athletics federations.

6) What happens to my 2020 registration?

If you have chosen to transfer to 2021, your registration is guaranteed. But it is important to keep an eye on your email box because you will receive the guidelines and the voucher to redeem and confirm your subscription to this year’s edition. We will also notify you on our social networks.

7) Will there also be a virtual test in 2021?

Yes. Due to the great success of the virtual race in 2020, we will be holding the virtual Rio Marathon on our traditional Corpus Christis holiday (June 3-6).

8) How does the virtual Rio Marathon work?

The virtual events of the Rio Marathon take place at Running Heroes. Soon we will disclose more details and the opening of registration. Keep an eye on our official channels.

9) Does the June virtual test replace the 2021 on site races?

No. The virtual race in June 2021 is a celebration of our traditional date in the runners’ calendar and a way to train for the on site races in October.

10) What is a free virtual challenge? What is the difference between virtual challenge and virtual test?

The Rio Marathon runs free virtual challenges and virtual races at Running Heroes.

The challenge is the best way to stop for a test or any goal you want to achieve. It can work as a training or as your recreational activity. Virtual challenges are free and each of them has its own rules. The virtual test requires registration, is paid and you receive an exclusive kit for it.

All activities carried out at Running Heroes are rewarded with points and you can guarantee exclusive discounts at Loja Maratona do Rio and other platform partners.

11) How do participants know they are registered for a virtual challenge or test?

When the participant signs up, he automatically receives an email confirming his registration. E-mails are sent in accordance with the LGPD, only to participants who have agreed to receive notifications from the platform, but each participant can also check their registration on their control panel.

12) What is the term of responsibility?

The term of responsibility is the document that contains all the legal information and guidance that guide the practice of virtual running. In it, the corridor is aware that the virtual event has no structure and no monitoring by the event’s organization team. The purpose of the document is to exempt the organization from any responsibility related to the practice of sports activities by the user, in the virtual environment, making him assume the responsibilities for his health and his participation.

13) What should the participant do if he has any technical or connection problems with Running Heroes?

The Running Heroes platform has support for resolving technical issues. Access to support is directly by Running Heroes, by sending an email, through the website.

14) What if the participant has a problem and the result is not computed?

In case of any result problem, the participant should contact the Rio Marathon Organization through the e-mail: [email protected]

Be sure to flag any type of problem, as it may mean that you do not receive medals or another kit item, as per regulation.

15) Can runners run anywhere, including a different state or country?

Athletes from other states will normally be able to participate in the virtual marathon. But, unfortunately, it will not be possible to maintain the enrollment of people from other countries for this year.

Our festival receives people from 4 corners of the planet, and this further increases our responsibility and we could not fail to prioritize the fundamental aspects of our activity and look after you, runner.

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